Saturday, March 24, 2012

Indonesia Need IDR 20 trillion For Entrepreneurship Education

Ciputra,  an Indonesian entrepreneur stated, the low numbers  of entrepreneurs in Indonesia because of the lack of cultivation of the concept of entrepreneurship in schools.
Ciputra highlights the small percentage of entrepreneurs in Indonesia  compared  to other countries in Asia. Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs never revealed until the end of 2010 the number of new entrepreneurs Indonesia is  0.18% of the total population. This figure is far behind Malaysia's 2% of the total population, Thailand 4%, Singapore 7%, Taiwan 5%, and South Korea 5%.

 to Ciputra, the government needs to provide a separate portion need of the education budget is available for entrepreneurship education in Indonesia. "My suggestion at least Rp 20 trillion for entrepreneurship education. The government also needs to establish special research centers to know what kind of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial type most suitable to be applied in Indonesia, "he explained.